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The food and beverage industry is our most experienced and successful sector, having supplied engineering, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance to many blue chip clients over the years. During each project, we’ll provide the client access to consulting services, produce process assessments and facility appraisals. From major revamps to grassroots projects, each one we implement will always be delivered to the highest standards possible.


Client: CPW
Project: Factory Extension
Contract Value: £2.5 million

Allied Protek were mainly contracted as a design partner within the CPW project, though we also provided a number of other managerial processes throughout its duration. As the procedures generally go hand in hand, construction management and the implementation of safety systems were prioritised, giving the client peace of mind throughout the project.

As a highly skilled team in this sector, Allied Protek also engaged with commissioning support and designing a supply chain selection as per the client’s request. Given part of our mission is to strive for industry excellence, we regularly go above and beyond when meeting with our clients and record, review and redesign as and when required to ensure the project is in top form when complete.

  • Date 6th August 2015
  • Tags Food & Drink